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A dedication to sustainability—and community

We consider ourselves stewards of the land here at Lost Pines, with a responsibility to protect it and mitigate our impact however possible. In our previous post The Rich History of Lost Pines Land, we detailed some of the rich and interesting history of this site; now, we’d like to share some of our efforts to help ensure the future is bright as well—both for the environment and for our community.

Sustainability initiatives

Our dedication to sustainability is a driving factor behind so many of the things we do and the decisions we make at Lost Pines. For instance, installing refilling stations around the resort has allowed us to reduce waste from single-use plastics. Replacing traditional lights with LEDs will pay dividends for years both in terms of longevity and lower electricity usage. We’ve also refurbished air handling units and added variable frequency drives for HVAC systems, helping save significant energy.

But we’re going deeper as well, making investments to gain a stronger understanding of how we can make a difference. One example is the engineering report we commissioned to explore the background of the land on which Lost Pines sits. Another is a tree inventory and management plan we funded in order to assess the approximately 500 trees on our property, which will allow us to help trees that need support.

Community efforts

Sustainability isn’t just about protecting the environment—we believe it’s also about building stronger communities. Lost Pines provides paid volunteering hours to team members each year; causes our employees have supported include trash pickup, food bank shifts, events for veterans, and more. We also often provide complimentary or heavily discounted rooms and services to charitable organizations, along with other donations.

We know that working and playing on this land is a privilege. That’s why we’ll always do everything we can to be good neighbors—to the people who call this community home, to the wildlife who share this wonderful setting with us, and to the land itself.