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A Guide to the Best Things to Do in Bastrop, TX

Nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State, Bastrop offers a delightful blend of history, nature, and small-town charm. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, this vibrant city has something for everyone. From exploring the magnificent Lost Pines to strolling through charming downtown streets lined with boutique shops and eateries, Bastrop promises a wealth of experiences and attractions. Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa invites explorers to completely immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area as well as attractions and activities steps away from your Texan home-away-from-home.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Embarking on a vacation to Bastrop, Texas, visitors have the opportunity to explore the wonders of Southern Texas’s natural scenery. Right outside of Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa, McKinney Roughs Nature Park offers over 1,000 acres of natural scenery along the Colorado River that is open for hiking, biking, and water sports. 

At Bastrop State Park, families can enjoy invigorating hikes through the enchanting loblolly pine forest, taking in breathtaking views and breathing in the fresh air. Kids can have a blast swimming in the park's pool, and everyone can revel in the tranquility of the park. Lost Pines Forest provides a serene escape from the city, where families can immerse themselves in the beauty of towering pines, go for leisurely walks, and discover hidden pockets of nature's splendor. 

A visit to the Colorado River Refuge offers an unforgettable experience with knowledgeable guides available to help visitors marvel at the diverse wildlife thriving in this natural sanctuary, spot majestic birds, and observe the gentle flow of the river. These three destinations provide families with a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and an opportunity to appreciate the wonders of nature together, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Dive Into Bastrop’s History

Begin your journey to the past in Historic Downtown Bastrop, where you'll be transported back in time as you stroll through its picturesque streets. Admire the beautifully restored 1889 Bastrop County Courthouse and explore the unique shops, art galleries, and delightful restaurants that line the downtown area.
For a deeper dive into the area's history, visit the Bastrop County Museum. Here, you can discover fascinating exhibits showcasing artifacts, photographs, and stories from Bastrop's past, providing insight into the region's heritage. 
And don't miss the chance to catch a show at the Bastrop Opera House, a historic venue that hosts a variety of theatrical productions, from plays to musicals, offering a glimpse into the vibrant arts scene of the area. Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Bastrop as you explore these iconic landmarks and cultural gems.

Family-Friendly Bastrop Attractions

Bastrop, TX, is a charming destination perfect for families seeking adventure and fun! Start your exploration by embarking on a thrilling zipline adventure at Zip Lost Pines, where you can soar through the treetops and admire breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. And don't miss a visit to Dinosaur Park, where life-size dinosaur replicas await you. Wander through prehistoric landscapes and learn about these fascinating creatures through informative exhibits and exciting activities. With its blend of outdoor excitement and educational experiences, Bastrop is sure to provide unforgettable memories for the whole family.

Make a Splash at Lost Pines Water Park

Make a Splash at Lost Pines Water Park Guests of Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa will want to spend a day at the water park. Located in the heart of Bastrop, TX, this fantastic water park is a must-do activity for families and water enthusiasts. Dive into a world of thrilling water slides, splash around in the wave pool, or relax in the lazy river as you soak up the Texas sun. With a variety of water attractions suitable for all ages, the Lost Pines Water Park promises hours of laughter and excitement. Whether you're seeking kid-friendly attractions or a place to cool off on a hot day, this water park offers the perfect blend of fun and relaxation for the whole family.

Stay at Lost Pines Resort & Spa

Ready to make the most of your visit to Bastrop, TX? Look no further than the Lost Pines Resort & Spa for a truly unforgettable stay. After a day filled with exploration, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surrounding pine forests, rejuvenate at the spa, or savor delicious cuisine at the resort's restaurants.